Da var det klart for en ny giveaway. Har meldt meg p hos Quilting Bloggers, der du kan finne flere hundre andre som ogs gir vekk forskjellige ting. S her er det bare hoppe p og klikke deg rundt om i verden, og dersom du er heldig s ligger det en pakke i posten fr pske.

Det vil vre pent for kommentarer fra idag til og med 23. mars. Den 24. vil jeg trekke vinnerne av disse tre tingene. Det du m gjre er skrive hvor du kommer fra og hva du selv liker aller best lage. Dessuten m jeg jo ha en mulighet til kontakte deg om du vinner.

Selv liker jeg best av alt sy sekskanter for hnd. Du kan se noe av det jeg har laget under kategorien "hexagons" her p siden.

It's giveaway-time, and a lot of bloggers are joining a party these days at Quilting Bloggers. I have found three things to give away, and all you have to do is to leave a comment telling me where you come from and what you like to make yourself. And certainly I must have a way to contact you if you win. I ship internationally, so just hop on.

Myself, I'm a super fan of hexagons, and you can see some of my things if you click the category "hexagons".

This giveaway is open from 16th to 23rd March, and I will draw a winner the 24th. Welcome to all!

Grytekluter med roser/potholders with roses.

Smykkepose+noen 2 1/2" stoffbiter/Pouch to put your rings in+some 2 1/2" charms.


115 kommentarer


17.03.2012 kl.06:42

Hi, I am from New Zealand and love to make sew many things! Quilts, bags, cushions, pretty much everything that can be sewn. Thanks for this opportunity.


17.03.2012 kl.07:52

I'm from Idaho in the USA. I love to quilt, make tablerunners and pillows, and make Halloween costumes for my kids. I love your items that you've made for the giveaway...especially the potholders! :)


17.03.2012 kl.08:28

I'm from the US. My favorite thing to make is mini quilts. Thanks for the giveaway. I especially like the potholders. :)

Bev C

17.03.2012 kl.11:38

I am from West Australia and love patchwork sewing and cross stitch. Thanks for the chance to enter your St Patrick's Day giveaway.

happy days.



17.03.2012 kl.12:09

I'm living in the capital of Australia however born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand... just started quilting and love spending time viewing others creations... can't wait to sit down and view the rest of your blog <3

Kathy Ackerson

17.03.2012 kl.12:59

I'm Kathy from Virginia in the US; I make everything from traditional bed quilts to the new contemporary "Modern Quilt" wallhangings, handbags, home decor items, and the like. Thanks for the opportunity to meet quilters from other countries.


17.03.2012 kl.13:23

I love making quilts and bags. I've also made a few pouches. I'm in Georgia in the US. Thanks for a chance to win!


17.03.2012 kl.13:53

I'm in France. I love making AAQI quilts - quick and easy and for charity!


17.03.2012 kl.13:53

I am from Georgia, USA. I enjoy sewing children's clothes, embroidery and making quilts.


17.03.2012 kl.14:05

Hei Turid.

kjempefine giveaways,melder meg gjerne p her:)

Kjekt med inspirasjonen din.

Mvh Janne V.


17.03.2012 kl.14:33

Such lovely things! Thanks for the chance! I used to make lots of purses and bags but recently more into quilts. I am from Georgia in the United States!

Tracey Rampling

17.03.2012 kl.15:14

I'm from Perth, Western Australia and I love to patchwork/quilt and crochet. :)


17.03.2012 kl.15:26

Du har laga fine ting, som vanleg,. Eg melder meg gjerne p.

NB: Likar sjlv sy "bruksting", bde smtt og stort.

Norunn M


17.03.2012 kl.15:33

What lovely gifts for your giveaway! I live in Canada and enjoy quilting, sewing, crocheting, x-stitching, embroidery. Thanks for the chance to win.


17.03.2012 kl.15:34

Beautiful, I love the pot holders and I'm English but living in France,thanks for the chance

DeAnna S

17.03.2012 kl.16:07

Very Pretty. Lovely offerings. I'm from Atlanta GA, USA. Thanks for the chance! Happy Quilting!


17.03.2012 kl.16:47

The potholders are great. Love the stars. My joy is to make sampler quilts using a different technique for each block. What a great way to learn.


17.03.2012 kl.17:02

Greeting from Malaysia. I loved stitcheries quilt. Nice meeting you!

Jeanne from Missouri

17.03.2012 kl.17:15

Hi, I am Jeanne and I live in the USA the state of Missouri. We are just about in the center of the USA so we are easily located. Love what you are giving away. Check out my blog for a giveaway too. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, camp and fish. Spending time with my grandchildren is paramount in my life. My bff is my husband Steve Thanks

Gun Adrian

17.03.2012 kl.17:32

Im from Sweden, so we are almost neighbours :) I mostly sew big quilts, but lately Ive become found of sewing bags in all sizes.

Gun, Sweden

Rhonda D in southeast Missouri

17.03.2012 kl.17:52

Hi! I am from Missouri, USA. I love to embroider, especially redwork, and vintage 30s kitchen

towels. I also quilt, making anything from miniatures to large quilts mostly applique and paper

piecing. Thanks for the chance to win!!


17.03.2012 kl.17:59

Hi, I enjoy making all kinds of things . I make quilts mostly wall hangings and mug rugs. I also make bags out of old jeans and shirts. I don't like to see any fabric go in the trash if it can be used to make something else. I am from Alexandria, Kentucky. USA Thank you for your giveaway and a chance to win.


17.03.2012 kl.18:08

I'm from the US. I mostly sew baby quilts for our church quilt ministry. Thanks for the giveaway!

quiltmom anna

17.03.2012 kl.18:31

I love making big bed quilts and the occasional baby wrap. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I have been quilting for over 15 years and I love fabric. thanks for sharing your lovely pieces and participating in the giveaway.

Regards from western Canada,



17.03.2012 kl.18:43

I love to sew everything, bags, quilts, coasters, ..... I am Spanish but live in Ireland fro quite a while now. Thanks for the chance!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Cox

17.03.2012 kl.20:01

I live in Missouri, USA. I like quilting. So far only lap quilts, but I have a queen size quilt in progress.

Linda V

17.03.2012 kl.20:46

I am from California in the US. I love to make full sized quilts. I do all quilting by hand, so I am a slow-poke quilter! Thanks for the giveaway chance!


17.03.2012 kl.21:01

Hej igen, jamen jeg ville gerne vinde noget IGEN :-)

I think you know me, I LOVE to quilt, and I'm in NC but born in Denmark


17.03.2012 kl.21:04

I'm from Wyoming in the USA. Thanks for the chance.


17.03.2012 kl.21:14

I'm from Roy, Washington U.S. and I mostly make quilts. Lately I've started making Kindle covers and bags also. I make clothes when requested. I have made dresses and skirts for my daughter and neices and western (cowboy) style shirts for my husband and son.


17.03.2012 kl.21:36

I'm Beth, from Virginia in the USA. I like the sew children's clothes and small quilts!



17.03.2012 kl.23:29

I'm from Yukon Territory in Canada. I like to sew many things - quilts, clothes and small items - but embroidery is my favourite. Thanks for a chance at your lovely giveaway.

Joyce Carter

17.03.2012 kl.23:57

Hi. My name is Joyce and I'm from Georgia in the United States. I love to sew ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I love to make things for babies, especially quilts that I design. You make beautiful things. I love the potholders.Thanks for the giveaway.(


18.03.2012 kl.00:35

Hi, it's Eileen from North Carolina, USA.

I enjoy working with beautiful fabric.

Thanks for the chance to win.


18.03.2012 kl.00:59

Hi,my name is Kelli, and I am from California in the U.S. I love to make quilts. :o) Thanks for offering such lovely prizes. :o)


18.03.2012 kl.01:28

I am from California and I love to make children's items - quilts, clothing and toys.

Katy (LethargicLass)

18.03.2012 kl.01:39

I'm Katy from Ottawa, Canada... I love making quilt tops... the problem is that I hate basting so I get stuck then LOL


18.03.2012 kl.02:07

Hi My name is Jo, I live in the state of Oregon in the USA. I really enjoy making quilt tops and tablerunners. Lately I have been making a few smaller items like pot holders and remote control holders because I have been in need of some instant gratification. Thanks for holding the giveaway


18.03.2012 kl.02:17

I like to make mug rugs, baby quilts and faux chenille blankets. I'm from Ontario, Canada.


18.03.2012 kl.02:27

I'm Cherilyn from a small farm in Ohio, USA. I really enjoy sewing and quilting. I have had fun making needle cases lately. I love your giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!


18.03.2012 kl.02:41

I am from Nova Scotia Canada and I love to make landscape quilts . Thanks for the chance to win. Sheila


18.03.2012 kl.03:06

Hello, from sunny Florida in the US. I enjoy making landscape quilts. They are so much fun. Thanks for your sweet giveaway :-)


18.03.2012 kl.03:10

I come from Las Vegas, NV but now I live in Asheville NC. I do mostly 'traditional' piecing but in more modern style.

Karen L

18.03.2012 kl.03:57

I'm from the US and though I love to crochet and quilt, my favorite is quilting for my family.

Laila L S

18.03.2012 kl.03:58


jeg er fra Ilseng - et lite sted litt utenfor Hamar. Jeg liker godt sy, men det m helst vre p maskin. Liker spesielt god t sy lpere og vesker, men har planer om sy meg et stort slumreteppe etterhvert.


18.03.2012 kl.04:00

I am from Connecticut, USA. Thanks for the chance to win! I love to make stars right now...though I am dying to try some hexies!

Evelyn G

18.03.2012 kl.04:14

I am having a great time working on crazy quilt blocks this year. I live in Idaho, USA.


18.03.2012 kl.04:15

I am from Christchurch New Zealand. I like to sew quilts and bags and of course presents for friends.


18.03.2012 kl.04:19

Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely prizes. I live in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, and am a beginner quilter. So far I have made a slash and stack quilt for my Mom, and am working on another for my Grandaughter.


18.03.2012 kl.04:32

I love to make tote bags, I have made so many I have lost count. I have enjoyed making quilt tops lately and hope to have them quilted by someone else soon. I live in Washington State, USA. Thanks for the chance to win your great prizes.

Debra Lee

18.03.2012 kl.06:33

I'm from the USA and I dabble in a little bit of everything!


18.03.2012 kl.08:51


I'm originally from Barcelona but I've been living in Ireland for a good bunch of years now. I love quilting and sewing clothes for my daughter mainly. Thanks for the chance!


18.03.2012 kl.12:12

I'm from Germany, I usually have big plans and then no time and end up doing cushion covers ...

Kathy S.

18.03.2012 kl.12:22

I am in East Canton, Ohio, USA. I love to make quilts for myself and my friends.


18.03.2012 kl.13:12

I love the fabrics you have used. What a great giveaway. Glad to have found a new blog to read too. I am from Adelaide, Australia.


18.03.2012 kl.14:21

Jag r frn Sverige, och just nu s syr jag lappteknik annars stickar jag vldigt mycket!


18.03.2012 kl.15:09

I'm from the UK and I like making quilts and bags mostly!

Becky in Georgia

18.03.2012 kl.16:07

I am from Georgia in the US. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! Lovely items that you are sharing! Have a wonderful week!


18.03.2012 kl.16:52

Hello I'm Tiny from the Netherlands, last time I join the blog hop party, but this time I read the blogs ho have a give away. You have a nice give away . Lots of succes Tiny


18.03.2012 kl.17:38

I am from Silverdale, Washington USA. I love making quilts but I have to admit I also love making Dolls. they are huggable and my Grandaughter loves them, plus I can make them mini quilts. Thanks for the opportunity. Elizabeth

Sandra Timmons

18.03.2012 kl.18:39

Hello the hexagon quilter. I am from Sonora, CA USA. We have snow. I was thinking about making potholders to use up some of my small stash. You have very nice and thoughtful giveways. And to think you even included potholders. How cool is that? I hope you find lots of new friends and have a lot of new followers.

Sandi T.

Elna Kristensen

18.03.2012 kl.18:42

Hei! Jeg bor p Nttery i Vestfold. Jeg syr litt forskjellig, en del lpere, slumretepper, noen vesker og en del toalettvesker og sminkepunger.

Gy vre med p "Give away". Elna

Carla G

18.03.2012 kl.19:05

Hello, I'm from British Columbia, Canada. And I like to make clothes for my kids, purses & totes, and I'm just working on my first quilt. Thanks for a chance to win your lovely giveaway! :)


18.03.2012 kl.19:16

thank you for this chance. I live in Italy, I love fabrics and threads. hugs


18.03.2012 kl.19:17

I live in Virginia, USA. I love to make quilts and quilted wall hangings with applique. Thanks for the give away.


18.03.2012 kl.19:54

I live in Ontario, Canada. I enjoy making small project that include stitcheries the best. Thanks for a chance.

mary C

18.03.2012 kl.21:58

I live in Texas USA. I like to do lap size quilts for my friends and family. Thank you!

Kathy Laing

18.03.2012 kl.22:33

I'm from USA- Washington state. For my self I make kitchen towels and potholders. for others I make quilts. Thanks!


19.03.2012 kl.01:51

I am from Michigan, USA I love to make hexagons, and log cabin blocks! thanks for the lovely giveway!


19.03.2012 kl.02:03

Hi, my name is Sara and I live in New Hampshire in the United States. I love to quilt - from king size quilts to small items...thanks for the nice giveaway...

nhsarab at yahoo dot com

Pam K

19.03.2012 kl.02:36

I love quilting, sewing and embroidery. I live in Redmond, Washington, USA. Thanks for sharing your lovely pieces and participating in the Blog Hop Party.


19.03.2012 kl.03:14

I am from Canada. Thank you for a chance to win such a generous giveaway. I love making hexies too. There is so much you can do with them.


19.03.2012 kl.05:00

Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway. I'm from Florida, USA. I love to make scrap quilts.

Karen Pior

19.03.2012 kl.09:02

Hi. I live in Victoria, Australia. I love, love to make quilts and to knit. Thanks for being a blog hop party goer.



Dresden Quilter

19.03.2012 kl.15:39

I am from Canada. I love to make quilts and small tote bags. Thanks for the giveaway.


19.03.2012 kl.16:11

Hi, I'm Paula from Portugal and I love making hexagons too. I just made some to decorate hand towels and they came out very cute. I especially love to make bags and purses. Thank you for the giveaway!

ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Bonnie Larson

19.03.2012 kl.18:20

Hi I'm Bonnie from Saskatchewan, Canada. I love making traditional style quilts. Thanks for the opportunity


19.03.2012 kl.20:00

HI, I'm Simona from Croatia and love making hexagons and scraps quilts too.

Thanks for giveaway and chance to win

Maria Kievit

19.03.2012 kl.20:20

Am originally from the Netherlands, but am now living in Ontario Canada. Often people will find me making pj's for the extended family. Thanks for the giveaway.

Ellen M.

19.03.2012 kl.20:47

I'm a new quilter from Westlake, Ohio, USA. I'm piecing my first block, but I also like to sew items from recycled felted sweaters. Thanks for the chance to win!


20.03.2012 kl.00:53

Hello, I'm from Kansas USA, right now my favorite things to make is small quilts.

Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

Beth T.

20.03.2012 kl.00:55

I am from Oregon, USA and I am a quilter.


20.03.2012 kl.04:07


I like to sew varied things, jump from project to project. I like quilting, both small and bigger things, although big quilts scare me. I also dabble in clothing, mostly for my children.

I like to sew for the home too and to make simple totes.


20.03.2012 kl.04:57

I'm from northern California, across the bay from San Francisco. I like to make quilts and add a bit of hand-quilting to each one to make them extra special. mcglen8[at] gmail [dot] com

~ Julie ~

20.03.2012 kl.05:26

Morn morn! (My husband lived in Norway for a while! I hope I just said "Good Morning" to you!) I'm loving making baby quilts right now because my daughter just had a baby two days ago!!! Being a grandma is the best!!! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway! :)


20.03.2012 kl.06:58

Hi I am from Nairobi and I like to make cards and to sew.


20.03.2012 kl.10:39

I love to sew anything! Mostly bags and quilts. Best Wishes from England.


20.03.2012 kl.12:09

I love todo quilts though I'd love to do a tote.


20.03.2012 kl.15:27

I'm from Las Vegas, NV, USA. I ennjoy making bags, and quilts.


20.03.2012 kl.16:27

I'm from Kansas USA, but I grew up in Iowa, USA, also lived 20 years in Oregon, USA. I love the pot holders, I'm doing my kitchen in red/white check. These would be perfect. The things I make most are wall hanging quilts or table toppers.

Lillesster Line

20.03.2012 kl.22:39

Hei hei

Tusen takk for en flott langhelg med deg du min kjre sster og lrerinne :-)

Jeg vil jo ogs gjerne vre med p denne trekningen :-)

Jeg liker jo veldig godt sy lpere, s er veldig fornyd med lre nye teknikker hos deg :-)

Stor klm fra m

Edny Raknes Reiten

20.03.2012 kl.23:14

Jeg kommer fra Midsund, og var p bloggforumet i Bergen. Husker du var der ogs, for bloggnavnet ditt er s kult;)) Frihndsquilting er det jeg liker best, og gjerne praktiske bruksting. Liker lage mitt eget, og blir veldig inspirert av vandre i bloggverden;) Og jeg vil selvflgelig delta p trekningen;)


21.03.2012 kl.02:52

I LOVE the pincushion as I collect them. I love the pouch as I've never seen one made that way. I'm from the U.S. and live full-time in an RV, recreational vehicle--my home on wheels. I quilt all kinds of things in my RV especially wall hangings and table toppers. See my blog for a series of 7 table toppers I'm doing this week, with five of them being give-aways during the blog hop. Thanks for participating and I'd love to have those giveaways.

Karen O

21.03.2012 kl.03:24

What cute giveaway items! Thank you for your generosity. I live in Minnesota, USA. I am happy to find your blog.

Jeanne J.

21.03.2012 kl.03:42

Oh, I would love to win your sweet goodies.


21.03.2012 kl.04:25

Enjoy making quilts of all kinds...especially the handwork...And after waiting over 30 years I am getting to make little girl clothes . I had 3 boys, but now I have a llittle granddaughter..I live in a small community in North Carolina, USA

Kathy MacKie

21.03.2012 kl.06:09

Would love to win your giveaway.


21.03.2012 kl.07:22

Lovely give-aways!


21.03.2012 kl.14:19

I like to make quilts...although I'm not the best at it. I live in Virginia in the USA. I'd love to be included in your giveaway.


21.03.2012 kl.17:06

I live in Arizona, USA. I quilt and knit. Thanks for the giveaway.


21.03.2012 kl.17:56

I'm from Tennessee, USA, and I love to quilt!

Linda Duncan

21.03.2012 kl.18:04

Love the items, I've wanted to make the little pouch! I'm in Iowa, USA and I'm always making scrappy quilts! Thanks!


21.03.2012 kl.19:01


Kanskje har eg vinnarlykke denne gongen ogs? Vil gjerne vinne dei fine gryteklutane. Du fr laga mange fine produkt! Eg syr for tida vognteppe til Pia. Klem fr meg.

Nancy Rowe

21.03.2012 kl.21:15

I love making baby quilts and using machine applique. I'm on the border of Texas and Arkansas in the USA.

Cathy D

21.03.2012 kl.23:46

I'm in Canada. I like projects that work up fast like table runners, wall hangings, lapquilts whatever catches my fancy.


22.03.2012 kl.05:38

Hello from Washington DC. I love to make journal covers. I'm more motivated to use the journal if it has great fabric on the front :# I also have been making some Christmas #yes, Christmas) lap quilts. Actually makes me feel like I'm ahead of schedule. I'm sure the feeling won't last long!!


22.03.2012 kl.11:49

I just love making things. Recently my favorites are quilted postcards, but I also love mug rugs and hugs (cup cozies), placemats, hot pad, and of course quilts. I'm also getting back to sewing clothing, and sewing for my granddaughter. Thanks. Quilted blessings, Nita (nbeshear at yahoo dot com)


22.03.2012 kl.15:03

A lovely give away and very generous. I am sending this from Ontario, Can. I quilt. I quilt for myself and for others. If you would like to know more about me you know how ...check out my blog, as I am doing to yours


23.03.2012 kl.02:58

Loved your blocks! I'm from MY and I loved sewing.

Kathie (Prairie Stitcher)

23.03.2012 kl.06:48

My favorite quilting topic is Sunbonnet Sue. You can see my patterns for her on my blog. I hope you will visit and we can be friends. I don't speak German, but live in a German place, Odessa, WA, settled early in the 20th Century by Volga Germans (Germans from Russia). We have an annual Deutschesfest in September each year. It's lovely here. We raise dryland wheat and lots of cattle where land can be irrigated. Many of us in our little town quilt and we have a big quilt show each April. Thanks for letting us visit.

23.03.2012 kl.18:00

these are great give a ways. I am from Illinois USA and I do a lot of sewing. My son and I sew civil war re-enacting mens clothes and sell them. I also sew for my great neices and nephews as well as newly quilting.

Lori Smanski

Janet Wright

23.03.2012 kl.18:48

I love to make stars!! Thanks for the give away!! From Canada

Tricia M.

23.03.2012 kl.19:17

Such pretty little giveaways..... I love them. I'm in Michigan in US and I love making Star blocks too. So pretty yet so simple. I would love to be part of your generous giveaway. Thank You.




23.03.2012 kl.19:52

Your jewelry pouch is unique and so cute! Hope to win it and your other sweet gifts. Thank you.


24.03.2012 kl.04:07

I love to make chicken pincushions. Your projects are lovely! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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