Red/white/blue blog hop

Jane's Fabric and Quilts in co-operation with Madame Samm is having a blog hop in July. I'm lucky to take part in this blog hop. Just visit Jane's blog, and find all the other amazing bloggers, be inspired and sew along.

I made three blocks for the blog hop. All of them are blocks I've been doing for my quilting guild this winter. You can find the tutorials in the side bar (Sy-med-blokker-tutorials). The tutorials are in Norwegian, but there are step by step pictures, and you can easily find out how to sew them. Be aware; the tutorials are for 20x20 cm blocks. For the blog hop I made my blocks 10,5".

There's a giveaway too, and all you have to do is telling me which of the three blocks you like the best. I'll find a secret present to give away to two of you. Please be sure to fill in your e-mail-adress in your comment. The giveaway ends the 20th July.

My first block is the one I won a price for here in April. So funny to make this block in other colours.

My second block is a disappearing fourpatch block. So easy to sew, even if you can think it's a difficult one when you first see it.

My last block is a double fourpatch. I really love these blocks.

And the colours are right for Norway too, because our flag is just these three colours. I put a picture of the flag in case you don't know it already.

Please be sure to visit all the other bloggers posting blocks today;

Cherry, Scrapbook-ChickADoodle, Quilt Taffy, Quilting fiesta and Lisa and find your favorite block for the summer. And don't forget to comment here before 20th July to be in the drawing for a secret present.

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Judith Reynolds

06.07.2012 kl.11:07

My favorite is the double four patch block. Beautiful colors, beautiful fabrics. Thank you for sharing....Judith, Texas


06.07.2012 kl.11:25

My favorite is the disappearing four patch.


06.07.2012 kl.11:59

I love all your blocks but my favourite is the first one. It is wonderful. I will try to make one.


06.07.2012 kl.12:02

I love the first block!! :)


06.07.2012 kl.12:09

Hallo Norge, such clear colours in the red, white & blue. Really strong blocks. (Love the New York Beauty.) I have visited your so beautiful & welcoming country so good to see some patchwork. From Downunder in Oz


06.07.2012 kl.12:33

Great blocks, thanks so much being part of the blog hop!


06.07.2012 kl.12:40

Love your blocks! My favorite is the floating 9 patch. And so nice that the colors represent your flag! Thanks for sharing!


06.07.2012 kl.12:42

perfect blocks, perfect colours, and yes I was aware your colours were similar to the US as well as France...and your blocks are perfect. You rised to the top too, take a peak at today wink...

Barb Ellis

06.07.2012 kl.13:18

I loved the last block it is so beautiful. I also enjoyed you other blocks in your blot. Thanks for the great pictures.


06.07.2012 kl.13:36

I love your red, white and blue blocks and your blog. I am following your blog now.

Judy C in NC

06.07.2012 kl.13:48

All are great blocks - the disappearing nine patch never disappoints. Judy C


06.07.2012 kl.13:55

I loved all of your blocks but number two would be my favorite . Thanks for posting such great blocks and I must say it has always been a wish to visit Norway :-)


06.07.2012 kl.14:50

Love all of the blocks, hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Such wonderful inspiration from everyone.


06.07.2012 kl.14:55

I love your first block. It's so unique. Thanks for sharing!


06.07.2012 kl.14:59

I love that first one the best, but the others are so beautiful. The fabric is so bright and cheery--love it! My gr-gr-grandparents were born in Norway and worked their way to America. I grew up eating lefse (love it) and have fond memories of all those Norwegians who came around. :)


06.07.2012 kl.15:00

Your blocks are all beautiful but I have to say I like the first one the best as it's one I've never made before.

Michelle Harrison

06.07.2012 kl.15:03

Selv om jeg liker alle tre blokker, jeg liker den du laget best. Den andre to blokkene er veldig pen, men den uvanlige frste blokken er veldig spesiell. Jeg bruker la meg skrive p norsk. Jeg hper det har gjort en god jobb. Min e-postadressen er sewbeads at yahoo dot com.

Although I like all three blocks, I like the one you designed best. The second two blocks are very pretty but the unusual first block is very special. I use to let me write in Norwegian. I hope it has done a good job. My email address is sew beads at yahoo dot com.


06.07.2012 kl.15:11

I love your first block. Thank you for sharing! All of the blocks are wonderful.

Sunshine Girl

06.07.2012 kl.15:19

Love all the blocks although I think the first one is the best. Thanks for sharing

carla bynum

06.07.2012 kl.15:24

All of your blocks are great!!!! I love love block number one!!!!!!! I looked through your previous posts and love the mod blocks in orange too!!!! I could not find a way to follow you....I would really like too but I can find your blog since I can remember where I found you!!!!!


06.07.2012 kl.15:31

Beautiful blocks. The disappearing 9 patch is my favorite of the set.


06.07.2012 kl.15:35

nice blocks, you should have made a Norwegian flag block :-)- I can't do the danish one, unless I throw in a blue border.... I think I can guess what the secret "gift" would be....

Margaret R

06.07.2012 kl.15:39

Love the blocks. How did you do the first one? Did you add borders to the first square and then do the slice and dice? I really like how it turned out. I love secrets.

LeAnne L

06.07.2012 kl.15:50

That disappearing four-patch is my favorite with the double 4-patch coming in a really close second.


06.07.2012 kl.15:54

Oh, nice blocks! I want to try the disappearing 4-patch, but the first block is my favorite. Thanks for participating in this blog hop!


06.07.2012 kl.15:59

I love your blocks!!! The first one is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!


06.07.2012 kl.16:01

Love your blocks! So bright and cheery! I was in Norway in 1991 and loved it! There's a town, Stoughton, in Wisconsin that is VERY Norwegian - flags and all! You would love it! Thanks for sharing your blocks!

Lori Smanski

06.07.2012 kl.16:05

Your blocks are all so pretty. I really love your fabrics. The 3rd one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing

Josie McRazie

06.07.2012 kl.16:13

I love D4Patch (and DNPs as well!!) I love your first block, too! Oh, heck they are all great LOL!! Thanks for hopping with us! :o)


06.07.2012 kl.16:28

It's amazing how many flags use the RW&B colors in them. I LOVE that first block!!!

Linda West

06.07.2012 kl.16:30

I like the Disappearing Four Patch block the most. Thanks for hopping!


06.07.2012 kl.16:48

They are all beautiful! I am currently enamored by disappearing 4 patch blocks, so I pick that one. I really need to learn that one.

It makes me smile that you are from Norway. My brother-in-law is from Norway, near Oslo. He and my sister and their 3 girls and son-in-law are all visiting right now!

Thanks for sharing!


06.07.2012 kl.16:51





06.07.2012 kl.16:58

Your blocks look perfect. I really like the double 4 patch, but they all are great!


06.07.2012 kl.17:03

Thank you for sharing your lovely blocks. I have alwayb been fond of the simple double 4-patch and the disappearing 4 is such fun.


06.07.2012 kl.17:33

I like the first block because it's not following a set pattern--I like that in quilt blocks and in people!!


06.07.2012 kl.17:33

All such pretty favorite is the first one and I can see why you won a prize for it!!! TFS



06.07.2012 kl.17:52

I like the whole concept of looking difficult but it isn' I'll pick the disappearing 4 patch.


06.07.2012 kl.18:11

My favorite is the disappearing 9 patch. They're all beautiful though.


06.07.2012 kl.18:12

Happy Hop Day, You blocks are just wonderful I love the first one! It looks like it was fun to make. The fabrics you picked are perfect. Thank you for showing your flag. I knew other countries were also red white and blue. It is beautiful Thank you for playing.

vickie van dyken

06.07.2012 kl.18:19

Love your blocks :) You are right the tutorials are easy to understand from all the great pictures you post. I am glad I found your blog!!!


06.07.2012 kl.19:01

I love your first block it is different, but all your blocks are beautiful, and thank you for the give-away. (The Slow Quilter).


06.07.2012 kl.19:13

I love all of your blocks - to pick on I would pick #3 the double 4 patch! Clever blocks and thanks for the giveaway - secrets? I love them.!


06.07.2012 kl.19:20

I like all of your blocks but the disappearing 4-patch is my favourite. Thanks for the secret giveaway!

June D

06.07.2012 kl.20:07

Very nice selection of blocks - colors and fabrics so crisp!

Judy B

06.07.2012 kl.20:16

I love all the blocks! Thank you for the secret giveaway, much more fun to open a surprise package!

Debbie Allred

06.07.2012 kl.20:57

My favorite is the first block. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie - Traveling Quilter


06.07.2012 kl.21:04

Beautiful blocks you have created. Thank you for showing us. My favorite block is disappearing fourpatch block. I really love the way that block looks.


06.07.2012 kl.21:18

What beautiful blocks! My favorite is the first block. How clever you are to have designed it. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Thank you also for your secret giveaway and a chance to win.


Pam Beck

06.07.2012 kl.21:37

Your blocks are all lovely, but I think my favorite is the disappearing fourpatch block. I'll be sure and check out your tutorials. Thank you for your wonderful work. Blessed be, hugs!!!


06.07.2012 kl.21:39

All of your blocks are great but I really, really like the one you designed.


06.07.2012 kl.21:46

I love all your blocks but I really like the way your creativity gets to come out in Block 1. Love D4P and yours is so crisp and clean looking. And your double 4 patch is great too (I need to make one of those). Thanks for hopping with us!!


06.07.2012 kl.22:31

I love the disappearing 4-patch. Honestly I love them all. Red, white and blue just always look amazingly lovely to me. Thanks for the hop!

Elizabeth Lisa Johnson

06.07.2012 kl.22:40

I hope I am putting this in the right place. I like your first block it looks modern, and I love your color choices. But all your blocks are beautiful. Thank you for being in the blog hop. It is so nice to have everyone participate. Hope I win something! My email is comlisajohnson(at)gmail(dot)com

Diane Pickthall

06.07.2012 kl.22:48

I love the first block because it is one I would not make myself, but I'd love to learn how. Your blocks are all so nice! Further down, I love the orange blocks too. :-)


07.07.2012 kl.00:46

I liked your disappearing 4-patch the best. You used such bright reds and blues - even the white - I liked the fabric choices.


07.07.2012 kl.00:52

I love all your blocks. So nice and bright. The disappearing 4 patch is my favorite.


07.07.2012 kl.00:56

All are fantastic.The first one catch my eyes!!

Joyce Carter

07.07.2012 kl.02:41

You did a fantastic job on all your blocks, but I liked the Disappearing 4 patch the best. The fabrics you chose are beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.

Jenelle Boxberger

07.07.2012 kl.02:45

I like all your blocks, but my favorite would be block number 3

Maria Kievit

07.07.2012 kl.02:50

I am glad to see red white and blue used in a little different format than some of the other participants! Very nice blocks!


07.07.2012 kl.03:59

Lovely work! I love the d4p!


07.07.2012 kl.04:16

I like all three of your blocks, but the second one is my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway.


07.07.2012 kl.04:30

I love all your blocks, but really love the first. Thanks for the chance to win.

07.07.2012 kl.05:28

I think I like the four patch best. All are pretty and thanks for posting.


07.07.2012 kl.05:53

You sewed lovely blocks and your workmanship is exceptional. I can see why you won a prize for the first block. How striking it would be in other colors, too. I am going to see if I can make one, following your tutorial. Thank you!


07.07.2012 kl.06:28

I love your blocks, especially the disappearing-patch! They do all go perfectly with your flag!


07.07.2012 kl.07:02

I love all of your blocks they are so bright and pretty. My favorite is the disappearing fourpatch block.

HeatherK @ AReformedHeath'n

07.07.2012 kl.07:17

I really like that first block that looks like a wonky tic-tac-toe board. How fun; I'm enjoying the international interpretations of the RWB patriotism. Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

Gmama Jane

07.07.2012 kl.07:23

Love your blocks and the D4patch is my favorite. I did not know Norway also had the same RWB colors as in the USA!!!


Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane

07.07.2012 kl.07:24

Oops forgot my email address in comment

Rhonda Desgranges

07.07.2012 kl.07:43

I love all of your blocks. My favorite one is the double four patch. Thanks for the chance to win.


07.07.2012 kl.10:28

Kjempefine blokker!

fonda rush

07.07.2012 kl.10:58

i love the disappearing 4-patch. we have been playing with that here at home for the last week or so.

fonda rush

07.07.2012 kl.11:00

i forgot to leave my email address...rush88888 at gmail dot com

Barb N

07.07.2012 kl.14:51

Back in the olden days when people actually wrote letters with a pencil and paper, I had a Pen Pal from Oslo! What fun to receive mail from a different country. I love the first block - your Wonky Red, White & Blue!


07.07.2012 kl.14:56

Found you on Karen's Sew Many Ways blog - Find a Friend Friday. Love your first block!

Donna Jiy

07.07.2012 kl.16:30

Your 1st block is amazing, the x looks like it is floating. The other blocks are very eye catching as well. Love Meeting new bloggers and seeing what they make.

Jeanne J.

07.07.2012 kl.19:54

I, too, like the first block. It is so modern looking and looks difficult to non-quilters. You could do a whole quilt and everyone would be amazed at your talent, while you just smile and say it was nothing. I have just completed a disappearing 4-patch quilt. So easy and fun to do. I am going to try the other 4-patch (#3). Thanks for the giveaway!


07.07.2012 kl.23:47

Thanks for sharing your beautiful blocks. I love the fabrics you chose to make them, so happy and bright!


07.07.2012 kl.23:59

All 3 blocks are wonderful but my favourite is #3. I especially like the red in the lower right corner. =)

Edny Raknes Reiten

08.07.2012 kl.00:22

Kjempefine alle blokkene. Jeg liker veldig godt nr 2:)

Michelle Ma

08.07.2012 kl.02:17

Love them all, but number 1 is truly fun!


08.07.2012 kl.02:45

I like the disappearing 4 patch..


08.07.2012 kl.04:43

Although I like all 3 of the blocks, I like the Disappearing 4 patch the best. I have made the Disappearing 9 patch, but never this one. It's definitely on my list to try.

Stephanie Martin

08.07.2012 kl.06:01

Your first block is certainly my favorite. :)


08.07.2012 kl.08:36

Very nice blocks!

quiltmom anna

08.07.2012 kl.09:04

I love the disappearing 9 patch block- it does create a very pretty pattern.

Thanks for participating in the blog hop. There sure are lots of beautiful blocks to admire.

Regards from Western Canada,


Karen O

08.07.2012 kl.16:39

I love all of your blocks. The colors are so rich and saturated. The first block is my favorite.


08.07.2012 kl.19:08

Flotte blokker, nr 3 er min favoritt.


09.07.2012 kl.05:05

My favorite is your disappearing fourpatch! Takk for the giveaway!


09.07.2012 kl.11:11

I like the double four patch best but that may be because I think I could make it without too much trouble. The other two would take more thinking and skill. Thank you for sharing these. Margy


09.07.2012 kl.22:41

i like your disappearing four patch ... cutting is my fav part of making a quilted project, so this block is twice the fun!


10.07.2012 kl.11:02

love your blocks - I think my favourite might be the first one - thanks for sharing :)


10.07.2012 kl.17:57

I love your Red White and Blue Blocks! I love your Colorful Fabrics! Thanks for the Giveaway!


12.07.2012 kl.10:51

My favourite is the first block!


13.07.2012 kl.04:04

They are all nice, but my favorite is the second one. Fun to see your blog - I'm part Norwegian. :)


13.07.2012 kl.06:56

Beautiful fabrics and stunning work! I love the 2nd one. My husband has Norwegian heritage!


13.07.2012 kl.17:50

Love all of them, but #2 really strikes my eye!!!

Anne Rita

15.07.2012 kl.18:45

I love the disappearing fourpatch block, but the others where nice as well.


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