Giveaway-time again, and many bloggers around the world are joining the party at Quilting Bloggers. It's "back-to school"-time, and that means back to quilting too. I have found three things to give away. Just leave a message at this post. I'd like to hear where you are from, and certainly you have to give me your mail adress so I can find you if you win. I'll ship anywhere in the world, so come on.

This giveaway is open until September 3rd. Welcome to all!

Ny skolestart og sytid, ny giveaway og nye muligheter. Denne gangen har jeg meldt meg p hos Quilting Bloggers, der du ogs finner mange andre som gir vekk mye fint. S det er bare flge linken og hoppe ivei. Da fr du muligheten til f noe hyggelig i posten i lpet av neste mned.

Jeg pner for kommentarer fram til 3. september, da jeg trekker vinnerne av disse tre tingene. Husk oppgi mailadresse, slik at jeg kan kontakte deg om du vinner. Ta gjerne med hvor du er fra i kommentaren. Vekommen!

Nlepute/pincushion Tiny Treasures Peace on Earth

Nlepute /pincushion Fire Within

2 1/2" charm pack

While you're here, I recommend my tutorials on different blocks. You'll find them in the sidebar.

Mens du er her, ta en titt p blokkene jeg lager for quiltelaget. Du er velkommen til bruke disse om du vil.


116 kommentarer

Lena Karen

25.08.2012 kl.14:34

Heia - jeg vil gjerne vre med p giveaway hos deg. Er s heldig ha en nlepute fra fr av og den har fast plass hos meg. N trenger jeg en nlepute sammen med utstyr til Lenni s jeg krysser fingrene :o) Takk for oppskrift p blokkene - det kan hende jeg prver meg :o)

Ha en riktig fin helg.


25.08.2012 kl.21:05

Melder meg p hos deg, flotte nleputer du lager!

Helsing fr Nordfjord


26.08.2012 kl.01:50

Thanks for the lovely give-away!


26.08.2012 kl.01:59

glad to be visiting with you. I have been collecting selvedges for a few years. I made my sister a lovely shopping bag though It is not all that large as i didn't have many at that time, I am almost ready for a larger project. Nice to see your pin cushions.


26.08.2012 kl.02:14

Thanks for the great giveaway! Those pincushions are lovely!


26.08.2012 kl.02:30

Your pincushions are so adorable! I'm from Wisconsin USA.


26.08.2012 kl.03:03

I am from New Zealand. Thanks for the lovely giveaway


26.08.2012 kl.03:44

Your pincushions are so cute. Thank you for the chance


26.08.2012 kl.03:48

These are cute, thanks for the chance!

Katie Y.

26.08.2012 kl.04:15

Thanks for the giveaway, it's such a great set of items :) I am from the Alabama in the United States. Glad to have found your blog!


26.08.2012 kl.04:43

Hello my name is Cath from Australia. You can find me at Bits 'n Bobs. Thank you for the chance to win your give-away. I have my fingers crossed.


26.08.2012 kl.04:44

Wonderful giveaway, thank you! I'm from Iowa in the US.

Michelle @ needle and nest

26.08.2012 kl.05:23

What a wonderful giveaway! I'm from California, USA. :)


26.08.2012 kl.05:27

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks for a chance to win such a great giveaway!


26.08.2012 kl.06:27

Thanks for the chance to win. I'm from Utah, USA.


26.08.2012 kl.06:51

I am from Indiana, USA. Thanks for the giveaways!

Dar in MO

26.08.2012 kl.07:32

Thanks for a chance to win one of your cute gifts. I'm located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and have just found your site. I will be back to see what you are up to.

Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

26.08.2012 kl.07:50

I'm from Southern California in the USA. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Jennie P.

26.08.2012 kl.08:16

Thanks for this chance. I'm in the U.S. If I win you can send me an email from the profile on my blog.

ulla fredriksson

26.08.2012 kl.08:20

Vilken kul id att delta i en internationell "give-away".Ditt charmpack med 2,5" satte igng fantasin.Alltid roligt nr man inte vet vilka tyger som finns under.Modellen till nldynan gillar jag .Gjorde en liten i den stilen av sm remsor 3" breda och de flesta var 1",t o m ngon smalare.Mttet r p nldynan r 2,5" x 4.Perfekt att ha vid symaskinen.Jag r frn norra Sverige.Ha en fin sndag och en hrlig ny vecka.



26.08.2012 kl.08:47

Hi - I'm from Nottingham, England. Thanks for the give away x


26.08.2012 kl.08:50

G'Day from Australia! Thanks for the giveaway!


homemakerhoney @gmail .com


26.08.2012 kl.10:33

Ohh that are some lovely things ... I'm reading from Germany.

Thanks for the chance!


26.08.2012 kl.14:25

Cute pincushions and thanks for the links.


26.08.2012 kl.15:03

Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize.


26.08.2012 kl.16:18

I love your pincushions, they are adorable. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Lauren aka Giddy99

26.08.2012 kl.16:29

Thanks for the chance! I'm in Tennessee, USA! :)


26.08.2012 kl.16:30

I adore those mushrooms :) I am from Ottawa, Canada!


26.08.2012 kl.16:35

How venous of you. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm a quilter from Tennessee in the good ole us


26.08.2012 kl.16:51

I'm from Alberta, Canada. I love your prizes!


26.08.2012 kl.17:14

lovely giveaway. thank you for this chance to win. I am from Italy. hugs Alessandra


26.08.2012 kl.17:34

What a great way to use selvedges! I've got a few I'm saving because they were so adorable I couldn't part with them - I might have to do something similar! :) Thank you for the chance to win, and greetings from northern California! :D

Joyce Carter

26.08.2012 kl.19:49

Hi! What a great giveaway. I am from N.E. Georgia, USA. Your pincushions are adorable. Thanks for a chance to win.


26.08.2012 kl.20:43

Hi. I am an South African girl living in Zambia. We live on a farm on the shores of Lake Kariba.

Thanks for your give away.


26.08.2012 kl.21:00

I'm from Michigan, USA. I was just thinking I needed some thanks for the chance to win some!


26.08.2012 kl.21:17

I'm from California... thanks for the chance at the giveaway!


26.08.2012 kl.21:22

What a wonderful giveaway! I'm from US - Indiana.


26.08.2012 kl.22:16

Nice fabrics. Tkank you for a chance to participate.


26.08.2012 kl.22:46

Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful giveaway! I am on a farm in eastern Washington, USA


26.08.2012 kl.23:34

Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

Lori Smanski

26.08.2012 kl.23:46

Wonderful give a way. Thanks for the chance to win.

Judy B

27.08.2012 kl.02:06

Love your pincushions and hope to win one! Thank you from Northern California USA

Richard Healey

27.08.2012 kl.02:11

I live in Salt Lake City, UT in the USA. I love visiting and seeing how the styles differ in diffident country's and look forward to looking around your site at things you have done.

Lisa Cox

27.08.2012 kl.02:48

How cute! I love handmade prizes.

I am from Missouri in the USA.

Thank you for the giveaway.

gibberish (Julie G.)

27.08.2012 kl.02:49

What great tutorials. Hello from Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for the giveaway too!


27.08.2012 kl.03:43

Thank you for the giveaway! The pincushions are adorable!

Alyce {Blossom Heart Quilts}

27.08.2012 kl.04:19

What beautiful pincushions!! I love the Fire one - I'm from Australia (but living in Japan) and I love that Australia selvage! Thanks for sharing!


27.08.2012 kl.05:14

Love the pin cushions. I live in Southern California but am originally from upstate NY .

Thanks for the giveaway.

Debra Lee

27.08.2012 kl.05:51

What a great pincushion!

Carla G

27.08.2012 kl.06:04

What a great giveaway! I'm from British Columbia, Canada! Thanks for a chance to win! :)


27.08.2012 kl.06:16

What a fun giveaway. I live in Florida, where Hurricane Isaac is making it's appearance. Thanks!


27.08.2012 kl.06:54

Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize! :) I am visiting from California in the USA. Nice to *meet* you. :)


27.08.2012 kl.07:04

Thank you for the chance to win this lovely prize.

Pia Eriksen

27.08.2012 kl.08:44


Jeg kommer fra Danmark


27.08.2012 kl.08:58

Thank you for the chance to win. off to check out your tutorials. I love tutorials. You can never learn enough.


27.08.2012 kl.09:07

I am from Dubai UAE Many thanks!


27.08.2012 kl.12:59

Love the pin cushions and fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.


27.08.2012 kl.13:57

Thank you for your great give-aways! I'm from Germany.


27.08.2012 kl.16:08

I live in Arizona in the USA. Sunny and hot. The giveaway items are cute! Thank you!


27.08.2012 kl.20:39

thank you for the giveaway!

im from Italy


27.08.2012 kl.21:10

Lovely pin cushions! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

I'm from Durban South Africa.


27.08.2012 kl.22:40

You have some lovely things going on on your blog. Thank you for your giveaway!


27.08.2012 kl.23:23

Greetings from Northern British Columbia, Canada


27.08.2012 kl.23:26

Shirley @ Thanks for the giveaway!

From Northern British Columbia, Canada


27.08.2012 kl.23:56

I am from England and am very new at sewing. Thank you for the giveaway, love the pincushions especially.

Emily C

28.08.2012 kl.00:39

I love the charm squares (if you allow a preference). Love your giveaway. The pincushions are really cute.

Deb H.

28.08.2012 kl.04:16

I am from Elizabethtown, PA. The pincushions are cute and I love the charm pack. I am a new follower.


28.08.2012 kl.04:27

What a lovely giveaway! I'm in Seattle WA, recently moved from Phoenix AZ. Nice to "meet" you!

28.08.2012 kl.04:57

Very Cute .. Love these they are very cute


28.08.2012 kl.06:01

Thank you for the give away. I am from Idaho in the USA.

Ali M

28.08.2012 kl.11:54

So pretty, I have a soft spot for Australia in my heart so I'm adoring your pincushion!


28.08.2012 kl.17:08

I'm English but living in France, thanks for the giveaway

Gun Adrian

28.08.2012 kl.18:43

Im from Sweden and Im visiting your blog now and then. Always nice to see what you neighbours are doing!

Gun, Sweden

Dina Newton-Edwards

28.08.2012 kl.19:37

I live near Manchester in the UK. I don't have much fabric selvedge to use but I love making things from clothing labels.


28.08.2012 kl.20:04

Love your give away! Thank you for organizing


28.08.2012 kl.21:44

love the pin cushion and fabric..


28.08.2012 kl.22:52

thanks for sharing this lovely giveaway!


28.08.2012 kl.23:08

Nice pincushion. I just started a postage stamp quilt so the charm pack would be perfect. Nice giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


28.08.2012 kl.23:32

Hi from Croatia, thanks for a nice giveaway


28.08.2012 kl.23:40

I love your giveaways. It is stormy and rainy here in Charleston, South Carolina, USA today. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.


29.08.2012 kl.00:44

I love selvages and things made from them, and I'm a collector of pincushions....what could be better than your giveaway? Lovely pincushion. I'm from the state of Maine, USA, originally but am currently in Vermont where I volunteer in a state park campground. We've been getting some rain, then some sun, then some rain. There's a common phrase in New England. "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute".

You are sweet to give away some of your own quilted gifts. Hop on over to my blog too.


29.08.2012 kl.02:55

I'm from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA! I love 2.5 inch squares!!! And pincushions! You are so generous!


29.08.2012 kl.07:06

I am from the UK, but now living in Vancouver, Canada. I like the pincushions and the charm pack looks fun :)

Joyce mosby

29.08.2012 kl.19:06

thanks for the giveaway. I looked at your tutorials. Nice Blog.

Peggy Gibbs

29.08.2012 kl.20:46

Thanks for a chance to win. Cute pincushions.



29.08.2012 kl.22:11

Thanks for the chance to win - cute pin cushions and charm pack. :)

Janet Frank

30.08.2012 kl.14:47

I'm from Florida, US. Very cute pin cushions! You can't have too many of those if you sew! Thanks for the chance to win!


Lisa Woodruff

30.08.2012 kl.17:52

Awesome giveaway! I'm in Ohio, US and would love to win! :)


31.08.2012 kl.00:53

I am from Wyoming, in the USA. Love that charm pack :)


31.08.2012 kl.03:37

Thank you for your generosity! I am from Ontario, Canada! awolk at rogers dot com


31.08.2012 kl.05:21

Your giveaway is just delightful. I'm from Virginia in the US and would love for you to ship it to me! :)

debgiro at wildblue dot net


31.08.2012 kl.06:06

I am from California. I love Norway,especially the beautiful fjords. Thanks for the fun giveaway!


31.08.2012 kl.08:47

Very pretty pin cushions!

I'm from Bath in the UK

Dresden Quilter

31.08.2012 kl.15:44

I am from Canada. Thank you for the giveaway.

Sandra Timmons

31.08.2012 kl.16:36

Hi I am from USA - Sonora, CA to be exact. I am a new follower and I am glad you have joined the Blog Hop. I love pincushions and I certainly need one. Thank you for all your goodies. You are going make one lucky quilter so happy to win. I hope you meet a lot of new friends as well as new followers.

Sandi T.


31.08.2012 kl.17:48

I'm from Israel- thanks for the great givaway!


31.08.2012 kl.19:08

I'm from Ontario Canada. I love your pincushions! Thanks for the chance to win, and maybe see mail from Norway.


31.08.2012 kl.20:05

I am from the Yukon in Canada. I love all three things in your giveaway!


01.09.2012 kl.00:38

I love your pincushions and charm packs are always great to have. I am from the United States living in Oregon.

ale balanzario

01.09.2012 kl.02:42

I am from Mexico, currently living in Quebec, Canada, thanks for this great giveaway, your pincunshions are beautiful


01.09.2012 kl.03:27

You know me :-) from Denmark but in NC-usa---- I don't want to win your giveaway, but just saying HI!


01.09.2012 kl.03:51

Count me in please! I live in Barranquilla, Colombia but also have a US address.

Edny Raknes Reiten

01.09.2012 kl.17:56

Selvflgelig vil jeg delta her! Morsomt med give-away;) Jeg har planer om et nytt lotteri igjen ogs;) Tusen takk for at du stemte p meg p quiltinggallery;)


01.09.2012 kl.18:38

Gorgeous little pincushions! I'm from Nottingham, UK

Shelley C

01.09.2012 kl.22:36

Love the charm pack! Nice pincushions too. Thanks for playing along

quiltmom anna

02.09.2012 kl.05:47

I love pin cushions and you have made a lovely one. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Regards, Anna

Mike Pearson

02.09.2012 kl.16:49

I am in New Jersey, USA!!! Pleased to meet you! Love those mushrooms :)

Karen O

02.09.2012 kl.17:15

I am from Minnesota in the U.S. I love the way you used those selveges. Would love your little charm pack.

Debbie Fick

02.09.2012 kl.21:29

Great things. I live in Altus Oklahoma USA


03.09.2012 kl.05:11

Happy fall., thanks, from ma.

Maria Kievit

03.09.2012 kl.05:26

Thanks for being in the blog hop. Am formerly from Holland, and I now live in Ontario, Canada.

Erin Hutchinson

03.09.2012 kl.05:42

Greetings from Virginia, USA!

Blanje Bleu

03.09.2012 kl.06:28

Greetings from Holland!

Karrie Smith

03.09.2012 kl.08:04

I am from Belleville, Michigan, which is between Ann Arbor and Detroit. Thanks for the chance to win :)


03.09.2012 kl.17:20

I am from Wales, where rain is plentiful, x I hope you have had alovely time hopping x J x

Debby Hames

03.09.2012 kl.17:53

love the pin cushions, thanks for the opportunity

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