Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party with give-aways

It's time to celebrate Quilting Gallery's 5 years anniversary. Happy birthday Quilting Gallery! They are hosting a blog hop party, and you can find many interesting blogs, and have the chance to win different nice things in this give-away.

I keep my give-away open until December 16th. And you are invited to take part, from all over the world. All I'd like you to do is to write about the weather where you are right now. Where I live in Norway it's cold and dark. Today we have -1 degrees C (or about 30 F), and just a little bit of snow, as you can see in these pictures. The weather is nice and calm, no winter storms yet.

What I'm giving away, as it is soon Christmas, is a secret Christmas present with different fabrics and other sewing related things.

And as usual in all my give-aways I give away an extra present, a pincushion made from selvages.

Til alle mine norske quiltevenner; Dersom du ikke er kjent med Quilting Gallery, s er det p tide gjre seg litt kjent n. Du kan melde din blogg inn i Quilting Bloggers, slik at andre kan finne den. Du kan ogs finne andre blogger fra Norge og andre land over hele verden. Dersom du vil vre med i trekningen her hos meg, s bare legg inn et svar. Du trenger ikke ha blogg selv. Men husk skrive inn mailadresse, slik at jeg finner deg om du vinner.

Winners will be randomly chosen on December 16th. Remember to give me your mail adress, so I can find you if you win.


And now: Jump over to Quilting Gallery to find all the other blogs taking part in this give-away.

180 kommentarer

Lena Karen

09.12.2012 kl.18:19

Jeg er gjerne med p giveaway hos deg :o)


09.12.2012 kl.18:24

Count me in please!

Here in the UK we have had a mild and dry day!


09.12.2012 kl.23:36

Eg blir gjerne med i lotteriet ditt :)

Deb Cline

10.12.2012 kl.14:35

How fun! A surprise giveaway...thank you! Right now in Ohio, USA, it's chilly and cloudy. The temperature is about 40 degrees F or 4 degrees C.


10.12.2012 kl.14:40

Spennende pakke som jeg gjerne kan vinne :-))

Her er det - 8 gr C i dag.

Ha ei fin frjulstid!

10.12.2012 kl.15:16

Here in Texas where I live we are having our first cold weather. It is 38 degrees right now, but it is predicted to get down to 20 tonight. Incidentally, I love Norway and was excited to see this blog! I will definitely become a follower. I want to invite you to see a quilt I just made that depicted the Hanseatic Wharf area in Bergen. Email me and I'll send you a link. I've been to Norway twice, and after the USA, it is my favorite country! (I am a fan of the Kristen Lavransdatter trilogy, since I was a teenager!) Would love to win your giveaway.

Debora Kerr

10.12.2012 kl.15:29

I love sewing surprises! Thanks for participating in the blog hop.


10.12.2012 kl.16:14

ha ha en ny naalepude. det var et aar siden at jeg vandt den fra dig!! count me OUT for this one, just wanted to comment :-)


10.12.2012 kl.16:15

What a fun giveaway. I am in the state of Illinois and today it is dark and rainy, soon we will see snow!

Sandra V.

10.12.2012 kl.16:29

Salt Lake City - Utah - USA

Had a snow storm this weekend dropped about 6 inches on us. So white, wet and cold.


10.12.2012 kl.16:32

I live in North Texas and normally its in the 70's. But last night we had a cold front move in and this morning it is 30 degrees. For us Texans, that is REALLY cold.


10.12.2012 kl.16:45

It is warm here in the sunny South of the U.S. today- in the 70's! A good day to have the window open in my sewing room! I love your selvage pincushion!

Dina Newton-Edwards

10.12.2012 kl.16:55

Here in Manchester in the UK it has been sunny, dry and cold today.


10.12.2012 kl.16:56

Today, in NY, it's grey and dreary. Sigh...I wish it would snow, the rain is getting old and white would be nice! =) Thanks for a lovely giveaway!


10.12.2012 kl.17:22

The weather in Virginia is surprisingly warm for December!


10.12.2012 kl.17:23

I love surprise :D It's Midnight in Malaysia now. We had a heavy rain just now. So it's cold and wet weather now.


10.12.2012 kl.17:27

Cute fabric and I would love a pin cushion.

Becky Greene

10.12.2012 kl.17:38

What a wonderful giveaway - I love mysteries!

I am in NE Pennsylvania and it is foggy and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Not much snow here yet this year, but I am sure it will arrive before long.


10.12.2012 kl.17:40

I live in BC, Canada and at the moment it is dark, gray and cold. No snow yet just lots of rain in the forecast. Thanks for the chance :)


10.12.2012 kl.18:01

I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is grey and raining right now. However, we are suppose to get some snow and then freezing rain later today.


10.12.2012 kl.18:12

I live in Minnesota, USA and we had a big snowstorm yesterday - over a foot of snow and it is beautiful!! It's quite cold today - only supposed to get up to 12' F.

Claire aka knitnkwilt

10.12.2012 kl.19:05

Love the surprise idea. Here is Oregon, USA, it is(amazingly) sunny at 48F. (I'm in the part west of the Cascades where it is usually rainy.)

Marjo B-W

10.12.2012 kl.19:26

In the Netherlands the weather changes daily. The temperature from -10C till +10C at night, and from 0 to +11 at daytime. For the last 3 days we had snow (lots already, very unusual), rain, sunshine, storm, no wind at all; in short: we don't have a steady climate, it's a surprise every day. Thanks for hosting this give-away. You are the first I visit because you are from Europe as well.

Kind regards, Marjo B-W


10.12.2012 kl.19:29

Today we have a strong wind, the temperature is between 2 and 4 C. I live in the Netherlands. Thanks for the giveaway.


10.12.2012 kl.19:51

thank you for such a wonderful giveaway babscorbitt@gmail.com


10.12.2012 kl.19:57

I love surprises so I would like to have a change in your give away


10.12.2012 kl.20:01

here in Alberta Canada, we are just coming out of a cold snap of -28 with windchill. It's around 0 now!!!


10.12.2012 kl.20:29

I have similar weather to you today. I have 29degF weather, but no snow. It looks beautiful though.


10.12.2012 kl.20:33

What a fun giveaway! I would love to win it as I love surprises! I'm in Iowa and our temps have been warmer than usual, in the 30's.


10.12.2012 kl.20:40

I'm from the north of Germany and for the past week or so we've had snow and ice rain and up to -10C. Today it was around 0C but tonight when I drove home from work it was already freezing and snowing again, the streets are a mess, this year it seems like they barely clear them at all... :(

Thanks for this giveaway and the chance to win! The pincushion is cute and I love surprises! :)


10.12.2012 kl.21:12

Here in the middle of England it's cold, but not as cold as Norway, wet and windy.

Amy in UK

10.12.2012 kl.21:17

A secret pressie - it is just like a real Christmas or birthday pressie - I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THAT!!!! Very clever - oh and I love your selvage pin cushion!! Awesome giveaway!! And it was dark here in London UK at 4:10pm ad cold - I can see my breath :(


10.12.2012 kl.21:52

Today is a horrible rainy day. Still shirtsleeve weather though. This is the southern part of Louisiana. We might get a few cold days - basically it changes every day.


10.12.2012 kl.22:24

Hi! What an awesome idea...a present for a give away! Love it! I just finished taking a Circumpolar World course so I was excited to see a blogger from Norway. I am in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada) - also arctic. Today it is -10 and overcast.


10.12.2012 kl.22:32

Here in St. Louis, Missouri it's about the same as it was in Norway when you posted that. Just below freezing.


10.12.2012 kl.22:43

Unfortunately, it's raining here in north-central Pennsylvania right now. I'd prefer to see some snow. Thank you for the chance for the giveaway!

Sandra Timmons

10.12.2012 kl.22:49

Hello from Sonora, Ca. The weather is cold but the sun is out. However, the weather is going to change and we will soon face another rain storm. We have had a lot of rain. The rivers are full and the grass is green here in the foothills. It is so very nice of you to join in the party from Norway. Thank you for taking the time to join us and to surprise one of us with a very special Christmas present as well as your cute pinchusion made from selvages. I hope you meet a lot of new friends and that they will become new followers for you. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Sandi T.


Sonora, CA

Emily C

11.12.2012 kl.00:02

Hello from Clearfield, Pennsylvania. The weather is rainy and not too cold (50F). Love the surprise package idea. Thanks for the giveaway.


11.12.2012 kl.00:47

G'Day from an American in Australia! It's 77F and sunny. We are enjoying summer. Experiencing Christmas in summer is quite strange for me as I was born and raised in Michigan - very snowy like Norway at Christmas time.


pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

Judy B

11.12.2012 kl.01:29

I live in California where it is supposed to be warm and sunny, NOT! We had 15 inches of rain in 4 days and lots of wind. Thank you for the giveaway. jbechosend at sbcglobal dot net


11.12.2012 kl.01:35

Greetings from the capital of Canada. Today was snow, freezing rain and rain, back to freezing. It was fun driving to work this morning.


11.12.2012 kl.01:55

What a fun giveaway! The little pin cushion is adorable too!


11.12.2012 kl.01:55

I live in western Iowa in the middle of the States. We have about 30 degrees F right now. This year we haven't had snow yet, which is surprising. We usually have snow in October or November. But that's fine with me. I don't like snow.


11.12.2012 kl.02:10

Here it is rainy and cold today--shouldn't be but it is!! About 20 degrees--I know you probably dont think that is too cold (because I lived in Norway for a year so I understand) but it is supposed to be Summer in Australia! Thanks for the lovely giveaway and making me a little 'homesick' with your weather report ;)

Pat V.

11.12.2012 kl.02:55

I love secrets and surprises. Here in Snohomish, WA, it is rainy and 40 degrees F. I hope we will have snow this winter, but it will probably be after Christmas.


11.12.2012 kl.03:17

I love the selvage pincushion. It is just darling. We are having weather about 80* right now, but it is suppose to cool off a bit later this week.


11.12.2012 kl.03:43

I love surprises and the pincushion is so cute.


11.12.2012 kl.04:04

Love surprises! Please send some cold weather my way. I'm in South Florida and its hot & muggy, high of 85 degrees F today! I hope winter starts soon.


11.12.2012 kl.04:32

Cute idea using selvages for a pincushion!

Thanks for a chance to win from norway. I live in texas...we had 80 until yesterday when a cold front came in. Low 21 tonight and high of 40 tomorrow. 70 by the weekend again.

Elizabeth Johnson

11.12.2012 kl.04:50

Eek! I love your pincushion it is so fun. Love Christmas presents. I am in West Virginia and it is rainy, dark, and 50 degrees.


11.12.2012 kl.05:07

Today started very cold and wet here in DC but warmed up in the afternoon.

Melissa Lake

11.12.2012 kl.05:14

Oh! I love the pin cushion! Aren't selvages just fascinating?

Our weather is hot most of the year. But, we have the best weather in the winter. Today it was 68 degrees F (20 C). It was so beautiful...a little bit cold in the morning and lovely during the day! This is my favorite time of year. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.



11.12.2012 kl.05:24




Rebecca T

11.12.2012 kl.05:31

I live just outside of San Francisco, CA. It's currently 48... Supposed to hot a low of 43 to igntning with a high of 62 tomorrow. And sun. Lots of sun. Although rain later in the week. Being coastal, we np don't get snow... Which is what I miss about being from the New England region of the US.

quiltmom anna

11.12.2012 kl.06:20

It is winter here in north central Alberta- Today it was mild about the same as you-1 but last week it was -23 with a wind chill. We definitely need coats, hats and other winter clothing to play outside.

Surprises are always fun. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. I hope you meet many new blogging friends.

Regards from Western Canada,


Ali M

11.12.2012 kl.08:28

Thats a great pincushion! I have 5 but I'm always missing one wherever I'm sewing, so was planning on acquiring a few more! It's 6C here - I always have to look up the conversion even though my best friend lives in a Celsius zone! I'm both a bit envious you have snow and a bit thankful we don't have any yet :)


11.12.2012 kl.10:09

At the moment it is fine here in New Zealand. A nice summers night, but it is suppose to become quite horrible.....still waiting


11.12.2012 kl.10:15

I am in New York (USA) and we have been experiencing some very warm weather for this time of year.

Barbara Orozco

11.12.2012 kl.10:49

I look out of the window and see a looooot of snow falling, it's got about -1 degrees outside, a bit stormy, but the roads are still ok.


11.12.2012 kl.12:41

I live in California in the USA. It's been 65-70 degrees during the day here lately. I wish it was cooler. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays to You! :)

Lynn Reynolds Makrin

11.12.2012 kl.13:59

Thank you for the grand surprise. I love a good surprise.

Can't wait to enjoy it and that lovely pin cushion in my home!

Joyce Carter

11.12.2012 kl.15:54

I love surprizes and I am excited about yours so thank you for the great giveaway.Here in N.E. Georgia it is sunny and cold. Although it has been very warm (high 60's and low 70's)It was cloudy yesterday and it rained last night., So today it will only be in the high 50's.Sure would love to have some snow! Thanks again.

Bonnie Larson

11.12.2012 kl.15:55

Love surprises, and especially pincushions. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on a great draw.

Jolanda Pandiscia-Bressan

11.12.2012 kl.16:00

I'm very lucky! i live in S. Miguel, part of the Azorean Archipelago and we have about 19C and a beautiful sunshine :)

Lovely give-away. Thank you.


11.12.2012 kl.16:37

Love that pincushion!

Here in southern Ontario, Canada it's about -1C right now, and there are some very tiny snowflakes drifting by the window.


11.12.2012 kl.16:42

Surprises are fun! I'm from Edmonton, Canada and it's pretty mild today at -3C but it's supposed to drop to -19C this afternoon. Normal for here but I don't like it :)


11.12.2012 kl.16:43

I like surprise gifts! Thanks


11.12.2012 kl.17:48

It finally warmed up! It was averaging -11F, now it's FINALLY snowing & has warmed up to +22F :D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, I'm in Anchorage, Alaska :)


11.12.2012 kl.17:54

It's cold in TX (about 30 F), but sunshine. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love surprises! Merry Christmas!

Jenelle Boxberger

11.12.2012 kl.17:59

We live in central Kansas which is in the center of USA. It is cold and dry. We need rain really bad for our winter wheat. Thanks for being in this fun blog hop.

jenellejb (at) aol (dot) com


11.12.2012 kl.18:24

I love the pincushion made from selvadges! Great idea! I don't think I could live in Norway. If I stayed inside by a fire all day, then I could. :)


11.12.2012 kl.18:31

Here in the west of Ireland was dry and sunny but veeeeery cold! about 3C...


11.12.2012 kl.18:32

I live in Minnesota and our weather is cold... we had our 1st below zero night this week. We finally got some snow on the ground over the weekend. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Lucy @ Charm About You

11.12.2012 kl.18:48

How fun! I love the pincushion!

It was -4 here today, frosty but no snow yet. It has been dry (unusual for Manchester, UK) so thankfully it's not too icy on the pavements. The cold is quite refreshing!


11.12.2012 kl.19:07

I love surprises. I live in South Carolina, USA. The weather is overcast today. Small chance of riain. The theperature in in the low 60's farenheight. It is chilly but not cold. We are lucky and do not get all the cold weather and snow here in the South.



11.12.2012 kl.19:39

Thank you for the generous giveaway. Love the sweet selvedge pincushion.


11.12.2012 kl.20:04

Jeg blir gjerne med i din giveaway!

Marit Johanne

11.12.2012 kl.20:14

Spennende, jeg er ogs medlem i Quilting bloggers. The weather here in south-east Norway is cold -10C or 14 F. Beautiful sun today,a very thin layer of snow.


11.12.2012 kl.20:28

I really love surprises!! is there anything better? Noooo.

Merry christmas and thanks for this chance to win :)


11.12.2012 kl.20:58

In the Western US, it is cold and we are hoping for lots of snow! soon!

Karen in CA

11.12.2012 kl.21:03

Right now in San Francisco, it's 54 degrees and mostly Sunny. Rain is coming again tomorrow.

Dresden Quilter

11.12.2012 kl.21:25

It is sunny and cold here today. Thanks for the giveaway.

Marcia Kosturock

11.12.2012 kl.21:31

Here in TX it started out 17 degrees F. Very cold for this state. Now we are all the way up to 49 degrees F. Thank you for a chance to win in your giveaway.


11.12.2012 kl.21:43

Its going to be about 26 degrees celcius here today........I love warm weather and dont know how you girls do the cold.....Would love to experience a white Christmas at some point though

Vicki H

11.12.2012 kl.22:02

Here in Kansas, USA it is sunny and 42 degrees F. Wish we could have some of your snow.

PS, I love surprises.

Toni Anne Potter

11.12.2012 kl.22:24

I live in south eastern New York, on Long Island. Our weather today started out rainy, later the sun broke through, still very warm for December. Thanks so much for participating with such a generous giveaway. I LOVE surprises! ;->


11.12.2012 kl.22:48

Thanks for the giveaway!!


11.12.2012 kl.22:53

60, breezy, and sunny - but I live in Southern California so this is what winter feels like.


11.12.2012 kl.23:00

Oh lovely! Such a cute idea! Thanks so much for the fun! The weather here is about the same as you described it. But tomorrow we expect to have some snow, even a lot of snow. My youngest is very much looking forward to this!

Lisa Cox

11.12.2012 kl.23:03

It is sunny and 44 degrees F here in Hale, Missouri, USA right now. I'll have to go let the chickens into their coop in about 1 1/2 hours as it is getting dark really early, like 5pm, right now.

Mary Ann

11.12.2012 kl.23:13

In the 50s (F) and cloudy


11.12.2012 kl.23:16

here it is snowing and it is not so usual where I live. hugs from italy Alessandra

LauraB / CraftyHourMom

11.12.2012 kl.23:53

Surprises are fun! And so is the selvedges cushion!

Here it is 1C and we're getting soft, slow flakes of snow drifting down. We already have about 18" (46cm) on the ground.

Thanks for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!


11.12.2012 kl.23:58

Here in West Michigan it was 27 degrees F. this morning with a little snow on the ground. We had snow flurries all morning, but it cleared up. It's still cold though.

Becky/Quilting Booklady

12.12.2012 kl.00:02

I live in the US in Atlanta, GA. It was a sunny 42 here today. Love your surprise giveaway! Merry Christmas!


12.12.2012 kl.00:33

I live in Brisbane, Australia and it is very hot and sunny here at the moment. Thank you for the giveaway.


12.12.2012 kl.00:40

I love surprises! at Ankara +8 but rainy)


12.12.2012 kl.01:32

I thought it was cold in Texas, USA where I live until I ready how cold it is where you live. Last night it got as cold as 39 degrees farenheit, 56 today. That must seem absolutely summery where you're from. I want to thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway.


12.12.2012 kl.01:36

I'm in Northern Virginia and it is cloudy and around 45 F

Debi M

12.12.2012 kl.01:38

It's a warm, rainy 73 F here in West Florida. sadiesdepot at gmail dot com

marjorie Henwood

12.12.2012 kl.02:26

It is just below 0 C here right now the snow we got yesterday has melted. I am in New Brunswick.Canada


12.12.2012 kl.02:53

In Virginia it is cold, wet and cloudy. Which isn't our usual weather, but we will take whatever rain we can get!


12.12.2012 kl.02:59

Here in southern Minnesota it is snow covered and cool. We had 15" of snow on Sunday. Our temps warmed today to 26 today...could be worse. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway surprise.


12.12.2012 kl.05:59

In Canada's Yukon it is -18 and we have quite a bit of snow. Supposed to get more tonight. Thanks for your lovely giveaway.


12.12.2012 kl.06:03

Here in New Zealand it's been a mix of cloudy and sunny, some of it quite warm, but then it is supposed to be summer here. sable at xtra dot co dot nz

Kay Lemieux

12.12.2012 kl.06:10

I love your selvage pin cushion! What a great idea.

ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kathy Garringer

12.12.2012 kl.06:25

It is 28 degrees F, clear and cold here in Arkansas, USA.

Debra Lee

12.12.2012 kl.06:42

I really need a new pin cushion!


12.12.2012 kl.07:16

What a fun giveaway! The wrapping alone is beautiful! I live in Canada, beside the sea and it has been quite mild, but rainy. We have had a little bit of snow, but it melted quickly- I hope for more for Christmas. I am a new follower of your blog- lovely projects!


12.12.2012 kl.07:38

Greetings from northern Canada!

We are currently at -18C and it's snowing.

I can't wait to see your surprise!

12.12.2012 kl.09:28

It's rainy night in northern California


12.12.2012 kl.09:30

I live in France and today it's -6C everything is white over, very pretty but very cold.

Brenda Hulsey

12.12.2012 kl.11:16

Right now in Kentucky (USA) it's dark (4 in the morning!) and cold at 20 degrees!

hulseybg at gmail dot com

Julie Fukuda

12.12.2012 kl.11:57

Some parts of Japan have lots of snow already but Tokyo had a very nice sunny day. The trees still have leaves of yellow and red but there is frost crunching on the ground in the morning when I walk with the dog. We usually only have a few days with snow in January or February and I love the clear blue skies of winter with Mt. Fuji seen from un-expected locations, a bridge, a train window, a restaurant on the top floor of a building...


12.12.2012 kl.12:13

On the shores of Lake Erie Pennsylvania, USA - its a mild winter so far - its in the 40's F and cloudy - winters are usually very grey and cloudy - with bouts of a lot of snow

Maria W

12.12.2012 kl.12:27

Vilken kul giveaway! Tackar s mycket fr chansen att vinna =)


12.12.2012 kl.13:08

I am in Australia and it was 40C (100F) so it was the exact opposite of where you are. It was really hot and we had thunder storms too, but no rain.

Hope you enjoy a lovely Christmas.

nancy mcmahan

12.12.2012 kl.14:00

it is early morning in Georgia, USA and a bit chilly at 40. thank you for the chance to win a surprise giveaway....what fun.

Anne-Marie B.

12.12.2012 kl.15:04

Hi from Quebec, Canada! Today should be around -1 Celsius, perfect for a nice walk! Thanks for this suprise giveaway!


12.12.2012 kl.18:16

I live in Portugal and today is rather chilly, about 8 degrees Celsius. Probably in Norway it's much colder!

Thanks for the giveaway.I love surprises.


12.12.2012 kl.21:10

Hello from Bellingham, WA! It's about 6 degrees Celcius right now, and it stopped raining for a little bit, so it's pretty nice for winter. Thanks for the giveaway!

Gun Adrian

12.12.2012 kl.21:54

Here in the east of Sweden, we have a lot of snow and -8 degrees Celsius. They say were gonna have even more snow tomorrow!

Gun, sweden


12.12.2012 kl.21:58

It suppose to be winter in Israel now but it mostly sunny - about 20C :)...

Thanks for the great givaway!


12.12.2012 kl.22:29

Adorable giveaway! I live in San Diego, California - it's 70 degrees and sunny here.

Mary Marcotte

13.12.2012 kl.00:31

Today was bright and sunny but cold and there's a mean wind blowing! Thanks for participating in the blog hop party!

Peggy Gibbs

13.12.2012 kl.02:13

I live in Pensacola, FL and today it is cold-about 40 this a.m. It did warm up during the day. We love warm weather-not cold.


Mary Beth

13.12.2012 kl.03:38

In St. Louis, Missouri, it was almost 50F today. Two days ago it was down to 25F, and by Friday it may be 60F. We get some wild swings in the weather!

Thearica Burroughs

13.12.2012 kl.04:17

I am in North Carolina, USA and it is cool and raining. We truly need the rain as this area has many tobacco farmers who desperately need their ponds full for the 2013 growing season, my husband included. It is now bedtime so I wish you all sweet dreams.


13.12.2012 kl.13:35

I am in London. It is cold -2 and today it is clear but yesterday was very foggy.

Lori Morton

13.12.2012 kl.17:20

What a fun idea! Surprises are great!! Thanks for the chance! :)

I live in Ohio...we have sun today..but crisp mornin'...'sposed to get up to 40 today tho. Have have lil bit of snow so far.

Merry CHRISTmas Blessings!!! :)

Lisa McGriff

13.12.2012 kl.17:24

What fun, I hope I win, I love surprises!

lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com


13.12.2012 kl.17:53

Today the sun is shining beautifully and the temperatures are around 1c. Here in the small province of Nova Scotia . Thanks for the chance .


13.12.2012 kl.18:05

We have just had a few days of unseasonal storms and rain that made my all the plants in my garden look so beautiful. Yet sadly, in other parts of our state some gardens are underwater because the storms brought so much unexpected rain?

Carla G

13.12.2012 kl.18:23

What a great giveaway! I love the cute pin cushion! :) I'm in British Columbia, Canada and it is just below freezing and snowing & blowing like crazy today. The perfect day to go sew! :) Thanks for a chance to win! :)


13.12.2012 kl.20:08

I love surprises. We have a great to day! It is 30 degrees but it is bright and sunny and no wind.

Thanks for the give a way chance. :0)


13.12.2012 kl.20:33

Jeg m ogs prve at vre med i din give away.

Det er frste gang, jeg har vret rundt og kikke p de mange give aways.

Rigtig god jul.


13.12.2012 kl.21:07

After all the rain we have had today is sunny and warm.


13.12.2012 kl.21:12

raining and low 40s[F]

thanks for the giveaway


13.12.2012 kl.22:36

We have 72 and sunny here in Florida. Very cute pincushion! Thanks.


13.12.2012 kl.22:44

I am in Portugal and its raining a lot. Its quite cold too, not as much as in Norway though!

Thanks for the giveaway, I love surprises!

saruqa at gmail dot com

Lyn M

13.12.2012 kl.22:48

Thanks for the nice surprise you are offering. I like your pin cushion! Thanks again.


13.12.2012 kl.23:07

The weather today in Wisconsin, USA is cold. It's about 30 degrees, snow on the ground, but no storms, no snow falling, so that is good. I just don't like the cold. I'm a wimp!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

13.12.2012 kl.23:17

Hello! I live in the state of North Carolina, U.S.A. Today it was a typical December day, 50 F for the high, 30 F for the low. No snow yet, but a very cold rain all night last night. I love living here, because we get a little snow every year, and a few nice, warm, days in the winter, too. Have a super day!

Sarah Norman

13.12.2012 kl.23:20

I'm in the UK, today it's very cold, but no snow or ice yet! Feels like there should be though!


13.12.2012 kl.23:21

Oh I love surprises! And the pincushion is adorable. The weather her in California, USA is a bit chilly and it has been raining. But we still get some sunny days.

Jane S.

14.12.2012 kl.00:49

What a cute pincushion! I live in Oregon, U.S.A. and today it's very cold, although we do not have snow...yet. We haven't even had to scrape the windshield of the car yet, but there is snow on the mountain tops. This is prime quilting weather -- staying inside near the fire with layers of fabric to keep me warm!

Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Joyce mosby

14.12.2012 kl.01:49

Thanks for the fun giveaway. I like the pin cushion.


14.12.2012 kl.01:56

Here in Ottawa Canada it is about -6 and not much snow so far :)

Gaila C

14.12.2012 kl.03:31

I live in Texas. The weather is never consistent. 18 degrees a couple days ago, almost 70 degrees today.


14.12.2012 kl.03:44

Since I live in warm and sunny Florida, I would love to tell you that it was that...warm and sunny but no, today a cold front came through and the weather is on the chilly side(at least for us) Supposed to get down into the 50's...I know, that isn't cold for most folks but for us, it is!!!! Merry Christmas to you!


14.12.2012 kl.03:44

I would love a chance to win

Rhonda Desgranges

14.12.2012 kl.06:27

I live in southeast Missouri. It has been cold overnight down to 22, and in the low to mid 50s in the day. I know it could be worse, this is December, afterall. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the

chance to win!



14.12.2012 kl.07:00

I live about 50 miles west of Chicago. It's been in the mid to upper 40's and sunny for the last two days. Today more of the same. Rain expected on Saturday.


14.12.2012 kl.07:57

Here in TN it is 38 degrees tonight. Happy Holidays to you in Norway.

Ginger Bee

14.12.2012 kl.17:16

Hello! So nice to visit your blog for the first time. I love that pincushion!

I live in Southern California-- squeezed between the ocean and the mountains. It is one of the most lovely places on earth (though I have never been to Scandinavia and would love to visit!)... and this is mostly because of the mild weather. At the moment, we have just had a winter storm blow through, so it is COLD and WINDY (about 40 degrees which is quite cold for us), but the sun is bright and shining. Even on the shortest days of the year, we can feel like summer!


14.12.2012 kl.20:27

Ooh, what fun! Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas!


14.12.2012 kl.21:18

I love how you made the pincushion, great idea.

thank You

Karyn Ashley Smith

14.12.2012 kl.21:28

ADORE the pincushion! What a very cool idea! I am in CT (north east USA) and it is 46F today. We have a little snow coming later this week. I'm looking forward to it! Thank you!

Mary Lou

14.12.2012 kl.21:52

Here in Southern Texas - It is cloudy with small chance of rain - in high 60's.

Thanks for the nice giveaway.



Beth Strand

14.12.2012 kl.22:38

Here in Oregon, it's a tad warm and dry. Well, dry for us! Thanks for hosting!

Shirlu kelly

15.12.2012 kl.01:40

It is cloudy and about 3 degrees celcius here in New Brunswick, Canada. I can be excited arty kellysa@nbnet.nb.ca

lisa m

15.12.2012 kl.02:41

Love that pincushion! It was nice and sunny and up to 6 C today--rain for the weekend unfortunately.


15.12.2012 kl.03:43

I live in Brisbane Australia and today is a perfect Summers day. 31 degrees C and sunny.

Maria Kievit

15.12.2012 kl.03:52

Today in South Ontario, Canada it was fairly cloudy, some sun, and around 0 Celcius. A fairly good day. thanks for the giveaway.


15.12.2012 kl.05:30

I love secrets and your pincushion is adorable. Count me in. Happy Holidays!!!

Richard Healey

15.12.2012 kl.06:28

Thanks for giveaway I am in utah and its cool but not cold.

angie terry

15.12.2012 kl.08:42

Great giveaway. The weather in St Louis, MO, USA has been warmer than normal, in the 50's F during the day. Definitely not complaining!


15.12.2012 kl.11:34

Such a lovely giveaway, thank you. In England today it is dry and bright but rather windy. I rather love your pincushion as I collect them.


15.12.2012 kl.14:02

What is it about selvages? They make the cutest one of kind items! Thanks for the chance!


15.12.2012 kl.22:35

It's cold, but sunny -- well the sun is going down now. Thanks for the giveaway!


15.12.2012 kl.23:51

It is 9am Sunday morning here on the East Coast of Australia. Current temp is 24.7C or 76.46F. The air has been smokey all night, most likely because the firemen are doing "backburning" overnight to help prevent more serious fires when it becomes hot and windy. debbie


16.12.2012 kl.01:16

We are far away in Napa, California but it is the same outside - dark and about 35 F.

Carol Y

16.12.2012 kl.01:25

In northern California, it is dark & rainy and 44 F. Cute pincushion idea.


16.12.2012 kl.04:22

Oooh I so hope I'm not too late. I would love to win that pin cushion. I always love anything with selvages! It's lovely. And I LOVE snow!!! We have quite chilly weather, too....low 30s but it will get up to 40s tomorrow with rain all day.


16.12.2012 kl.05:04

Its usually bright and sunny on most days and on some days it rains cats and dogs. We have very humid weather most of the time. Its great for the plants and for the washing too.

Thanks for the wonderful and generous giveaway. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the coming year bless you and your family with everything that your hearts desire.




16.12.2012 kl.06:16

Estoy a tiempo?La envidio aqu en Buenos Aires Argentina nos estamos cocinando a fuego lento con las altas temperaturas .

Gracias por su regalo sorpresa.Carios.

Karen O

16.12.2012 kl.06:33

Wonderful gift - I love surprises. Here in Minnesota we had a big snow storm last week, and today it was raining and melting all the snow!

Karrie Smith

16.12.2012 kl.09:10

I love the pincushion !!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Diane Swett

16.12.2012 kl.16:05

I live in Wisconsin USA and today it is 32 degrees Farenhiet. with wet icey roads. I plan to stay indoors today.

Daphne in Orange

17.12.2012 kl.04:02

My Feet are cold. It's about 40 degrees F here in CA right now. Slight rain on and off all day.

Have a wonderful Holiday,

Daphne in Orange

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